Saturday, May 10, 2014


Here is my attempt at fracticals:

Week 8 Artist

          This image is from an artist name Syd Baker. In his words, he has always been passionate about landscapes. He does didgital 3D technique using Bryce 3D and Vue Esprit. I love this image! It's so playful.

Week 7 Artist

            This is an image by an artist named Istvan Horkay. He is from Hungary; there he graduated from The School of Fine Arts. He has a degree in graphic art, painting and animation. This image makes me think of ghost and Mother Teresa, odd, I know.

Monday, May 5, 2014

week 8

week 1

week 2

Series of Apophysis

These are some I would like to get developed and framed for home.  Called hearts.

Week 8 Artist

I found another artist who uses Fractal.  His name is John Macpherson and he actually uses Fractal an or photographs to create his art pieces.  this is sometimes called seed images.  John uses 2 layers and at times up to five on an individual picture.  He changes or modifies the end results to his liking.  Could not find much online about him.  Would have liked to find a website that showed a lot of his Fractal pieces.  The one I chose from MOCA was one he crated with a photograph and Fractal.

Image Preview Zoom


Not my favorite but, you can actually make some interesting pictures with this application also.


I guess by now you have realized that I have completely fell in love with Fractals.  Not only are they fun to make, you can make numerous different beautiful pictures by starting with the same fractal.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Random Pictures. (Apophysis)

Week 7 Artist

The artist that really got my attention this week was Myriam Dimaio.  She's from Spain and a self taught artist. She originally hated computers until she discovered Fractals and fell in live with it.  She explains fractals as being a beautiful way to create artistry expressions.  she does digital painting as well and enjoys music.  I really enjoyed what she has done with fractal.  Her website has many beautiful and interesting pieces.

Image Preview Zoom
I am including some of my Fractal pictures.  Not as beautiful as hers but I pretty proud of them, less the watermarks.


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week 6


    Here is an image by an artist named Teun van der Zalm. He studied in the Netherlands where he specialized in animation. He has developed new ways of using digital particles; with particle properties and other properties he can control millions of points in 3D space. He uses physics and algorithms to create his natural looking art. This is image is very pretty, sort of angelic looking.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


The artist I found interesting this week is Nina Koelman who is from Germany.  After school she studies Business Administration for traffic and tourism.  She worked in the tourism industry for about 20 years before realizing and pursuing her love and talent of art.

In the 1980’s she taught herself art and mainly used a felt pen to create her pictures until 2009.  She then discovered the endless possibilities that were available to her on computers. All of her creations from then on were created mainly on computers.  She creates her pieces with abstract pictures that have a multitude of colors, forms and designs.  I like the way her pictures have somewhat of a 3D look about them.

Image Preview Zoom

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 5 


   Here is an image by an artist named Gregoire Meyer from London. This digital image looks like a splash of water shaped into a face. I think it looks pretty cool and creative. He uses dramatics lights and shadows to create the illusion of a real object. I don't know the exact software he used to create this image; I even searched the web to get more information on him, but found nothing.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Week 5 artist

Jacqueline Okuhara an artist based in Ontario, Canada.  She has a practical and formal academic background in Art.  She studied art history and other art material in Europe and Canada.  The art work she creates is primarily done with computer imaging.  she draws and paints using filters, masks and fill.  The inspirations of her art comes from her personal life experiences as well as her personal preferences.

As well as creating digital art, she specializes in textiles and jewelry making which she has taught in college for many years before pursuing her own artistic desires.  She has many images but, I found the Voodoo Mama series to be the one I really liked the best.